Breaking the mold

We didn't start out as professional bakers. In fact, we all held different professional titles: Doctor, salesmen, logistic operators, and whatever else we were doing before all this started. When the world was put on hold in 2020, we opened our cloud bakery in Baguio City. Baking made-to-order pastries and personally delivering them to friends and family a few days a week.

We weren't bakers, but this wasn't going to stop us from trying. It was, in a way, the rebellious choice. Some of us giving up our careers to pursue the art of making excellent laminated pastries.

Fast forward to 2022 when we opened our Bakehouse to the public. Our dream space where we get to share coffee, meals, and fresh pastries with old patrons and new ones. It's also the space where we develop our techniques as well as new flavors for our constantly evolving menu and selection.

At Rebel Bakehouse, our pastries are always made fresh and with high quality ingredients. Whether you're ordering online or joining us at the Bakehouse, we can't wait to share our journey with you.

  • Where To Find Us

    The Bakehouse is along Naguilian Road, Baranggay Irisan, Baguio City.

    For inquiries, you may message our Instagram or email us at